Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simple Table Control

Table control is one of a ABAP displaying mechanisms. With the help of Table control we can see the output table in different visibility approach. Here we have developed a Module Pool program where a simple table control has been incorporated.

The table control will look like as follows from the layout. It is created from layout palate.

Here we have created a simple table control where we have two screens. First screen in the selection screen where we need to select a purchase order number and click on the display button. After that second screen will open and it contains the item wise detailed information.

Following is the Steps for Table Control:

Step 1:
At first we are creating a module pool program with proper naming convention and create all the include programs as follows.

INCLUDE mz_sr_top                               .  " global Data
INCLUDE mz_sr_o01                               .  " PBO-Modules
INCLUDE mz_sr_i01                               .  " PAI-Modules
INCLUDE mz_sr_f01                               .  " FORM-Routines

Step 2:
Next declare all the variables, structures, tables etc at top include.

PROGRAM  sapmz_sr.

*-------Declaration of tables for screen fields------------------------*
TABLES: ekko, ekpo.

*------Declaration of required structures------------------------------*
TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_ekko,
        ebeln TYPE ekko-ebeln,
        bukrs TYPE ekko-bukrs,
        ernam TYPE ekko-ernam,
        lifnr TYPE ekko-lifnr,
       END OF ty_ekko,

       BEGIN OF ty_ekpo,
        ebeln TYPE ekpo-ebeln,
        ebelp TYPE ekpo-ebelp,
        matnr TYPE ekpo-matnr,
        werks TYPE ekpo-werks,
        lgort TYPE ekpo-lgort,
       END OF ty_ekpo.

*-----Declaration of user command variables----------------------------*
DATA: ok_code1 TYPE sy-ucomm,
      ok_code2 TYPE sy-ucomm.

*-----Declaration of work area & table---------------------------------*
DATA: wa_ekko TYPE          ty_ekko,
      wa_ekpo TYPE          ty_ekpo,
      it_ekpo TYPE TABLE OF ty_ekpo.

*---------Declaration of Table Control---------------------------------*

Step 3:
Now create a screen 9001 which is the selection screen of purchase order.

In the elementary list we declare the sy-ucomm (ok_code).

Step 4:
Write the flow logic as follows.

  MODULE status_9001.

  MODULE user_command_9001.

Step 5:
Create the layout with required buttons and input fields.

Step 6:
Create PBO and PAI module of screen 9001 as follows.

MODULE status_9001 OUTPUT.


ENDMODULE.                 " status_9001  OUTPUT

MODULE user_command_9001 INPUT.

  CASE ok_code1.
    WHEN 'DISP'.     "Display button
      PERFORM get_po.

    WHEN 'CLR'.      "Clear button
      CLEAR ekko-ebeln.



ENDMODULE.                 " user_command_9001  INPUT

Step 7:
Now we are going to create the functionality of Display button in the subroutine as follows.

FORM get_po .

  IF ekko-ebeln IS NOT INITIAL.
    REFRESH: it_ekpo.

    SELECT SINGLE ebeln bukrs ernam lifnr
      FROM ekko INTO wa_ekko
      WHERE ebeln = ekko-ebeln.

    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      SELECT ebeln ebelp matnr werks lgort
        FROM ekpo INTO TABLE it_ekpo
        WHERE ebeln = wa_ekko-ebeln.

      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        SORT it_ekpo.

        "Refreshing the table control to have updated data
        CALL SCREEN 9002.

ENDFORM.                    " get_po

Step 8:
After that create the screen 9002 which is the table control screen of PO item wise details.

Step 9:
Write the flow logic of table control in PBO & PAI.

  MODULE status_9002.

  LOOP AT it_ekpo INTO wa_ekpo WITH CONTROL tab_ctrl.
    MODULE table_control.


  LOOP AT it_ekpo.
    MODULE modify_table_control.

  MODULE user_command_9002.

Step 10:
Now go to layout and create the table control from palate. The name must be TAB_CTRL.

Step 11:
Click on the dictionary button and select the required fields which need to be displayed in the table control.

Step 12:
After that the table control will look like this.

We can modify the visibility length also.

Step 13:
Now we have to create the PBO module of table control as follows.

MODULE status_9002 OUTPUT.


ENDMODULE.                 " status_9002  OUTPUT

MODULE table_control OUTPUT.

  "Describing table to populate sy-dbcnt
  DESCRIBE TABLE it_ekpo LINES sy-dbcnt.

  "Current line populates the loop information in table control
  tab_ctrl-current_line = sy-loopc.

  "Lines are populated with number of table lines
  tab_ctrl-lines        = sy-dbcnt.

  "Moving data from work area to screen fields
  ekpo-ebeln = wa_ekpo-ebeln.
  ekpo-ebelp = wa_ekpo-ebelp.
  ekpo-matnr = wa_ekpo-matnr.
  ekpo-werks = wa_ekpo-werks.
  ekpo-lgort = wa_ekpo-lgort.

  CLEAR wa_ekpo.

ENDMODULE.                 " table_control  OUTPUT

Step 14:
Now create the PAI module as follows.

MODULE user_command_9002 INPUT.

  CASE ok_code2.

      "Due to multiple clicks user command needs to be updated
      CLEAR ok_code2.

      LEAVE TO SCREEN 9001.


ENDMODULE.                 " user_command_9002  INPUT

MODULE modify_table_control INPUT.

  "Readin the table with current line
  READ TABLE it_ekpo INTO wa_ekpo INDEX tab_ctrl-current_line.

  IF sy-subrc = 0.

    "Modifying the current line in table control
    MODIFY it_ekpo FROM wa_ekpo INDEX tab_ctrl-current_line.

ENDMODULE.                 " modify_table_control  INPUT

Step 15:
Finally create a Transaction code and run it from SAP system. The selection screen which is the first screen will come and enter a PO number there.

Step 14:
Click on Display button and we see the item wise details in table control.

Now we can scroll down like this.


Anonymous said...

awesome tutorial.

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r2b2 said...

Hi I would just like to ask something, i am new to table controls, how do you know which screen displays first?

Sandip Roy said...

It's very simple. To run module pool program you always need a Transaction Code. After entering the T-code a screen will come and that will be the 1st screen. After entering some input the second screen will come.

There may be plenty of screens. So whenever you are making a screen give the numbers sequentially (like 9000, 9001, 9002) and maintain proper description of the screen.

r2b2 said...

Thanks Sandip.

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It's really good

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How to save data from table control to ztable.

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